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Special events


Exhibition on Technology and Innovation for Social Good

The eConfidence project lead by ITCL from which I was responsible, was honoured to be selected to be present in the exhibition on the European Parliament as a project related to Technology and Innovations for Social Good. 

The H2020 Research project created, among others, a methodology to create Serious Games that promote behaviour change and implemented it in the SG "School of empathy" related to bullying.

Member of the Program Committee

I was selected to be part of the Program Committee of the conferences that bring together experts from all over the world in an event in which fundamental methods, cutting-edge technologies and innovative applications of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, among others, will be presented and debated.

The 17th ACM SIGGRAPH International Conference on Virtual-Reality Continuum and its Applications in Industry VRCAI 2019

My main activity was the review and evaluation of research papers as an expert.

Prize to the Drivesim Simulator

I picked up the prize of the Drivesim project at the Fun and Serious Games Festival in 2014.

I was the manager of the project at ITCL and was also involved in the development of the simulator under Unity 3D. It was a great recognition for the hard work done by the team, to create a product that is currently sold as a product, in several countries around the world.



Personal Award - i3 Award 2010 granted by the Professional Association of Computer Engineers of Castilla y León, to the Best Degree Final Project

Develop of an Augmented Reality Editor with the Irrlicht game engine. The editor created in windows platform allows the user to add several 3D objects and 3D text to AR markers and create several steps. The created operation was saved in a special format that can be reproduced in windows and PDA (Symbian SO)


Visit of the Prime Minister of Spain

I had the opportunity to present to the Prime Miniter of Spain several research and innovations projects related to the main technologies of the Unit: Simulators, Serious Games against Bullying, Industrial VR/AR Manuals..

Advisory for Startups

I worked as an expert in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for the EOI (Industrial Organization School) to guide several startups in Polo Digital Malaga on the application and possibilities of such technology in different fields.


I was in charge of the organization of the SEGASI congress in Burgos about Serious Games, Simulators and 3D interactive.

The congress includes presentations of companies (Indra, Neurologyca, Mutua Universal...) and researches related to the fields.

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