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Augmented Reality



My role:

I worked as a Project Manager and as a principal programmer.

The project was coded under Unity 3d in C# and included the objects importation, animations, scene configuration, video capture, data synchronization...

For the Augmented Reality integration wasn't need to integrate libraries. As the installation was for a fixed position, was only needed to get the orientation. For the orientation, two sensors were included in the device and a National Instruments acquisition data device was integrates and coded. 

The project also included a Web application with AR.

More info:


The project created a Mixed Reality experience in the Museum of the Human Evolution in Burgos. 
The system lets you see what the Sierra de Atapuerca and ist people were like at the moment in evolution. From a fixed point installed on the second floor of the museum, you can see how the four inner landscapes come alive with different hominids and animals.

The experience included 3d avatars, animals, 3d objects and other effects like water or fire.

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