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Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
National Research


2017 - 2020

My role:

I worked from the original idea of the project.

I am the main contact of the companies and work in technical approach for each of the solutions with the ITCL team.

National research project CIEN.

More info:



A complete line is developed with 4 companies involved for the creation of advanced tools and demonstrators in "Assisted Maintenance Systems" oriented to the industry 4.0 and the Digital Twins.

In the project, several maintenance manual demonstrators are created from the design parts of the machines themselves.

These technologies integrate into different ways with augmented reality to make them even more useful.

Additionally, a remote assistance tool is created in real-time by means of video with annotations in augmented reality that allows the system to provide a better assistance service.


There are 4 companies involved in the pilots: Fagor Arrasate, Gonvarri, Hiperbaric and FAE.


Project in the development phase with several NDA signed.

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