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Forklift Simulator

2006 - 2008

My role:

I was the main developer of the project

It was coded under Virtools and several libraries were created in C++ to connect with several modules.

The simulator includes the physics of Virtools (Havok), a specific dll for the forklift physics developed by the University of Zaragoza, a c++ DLL was coded to integrate a National Instruments data acquisition board with several analogue and digital inputs and other dll to integrate and connect with the motion platform of Rexroth. In general, was a very demanding project with a lot of disciplines included. It was also a great project to learn! 

More info:


The principal objective of the simulator is to provide training in the handling of forklift trucks, thereby avoiding risks and making more comprehensive training possible. By using the simulator the forklift truck operators will have the benefit of better training before joining the company, thereby reducing accidents. Main characteristics:

  • 3D stereoscopic image generation.

  • Visualisation through a virtual reality helmet.

  • The option to follow student head movements through 6DoF.

  • Realistic physical realities.

  • Movement generation platform.

  • Sensorized cabin with real-time data capture.

  • Required areas for development: virtual reality, infographics, IT applications, hydraulics, mechanics and electronics.

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