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Serious Game

Mi Tienda 2.0

Carlos Catalina mi_tienda_serious_game.j

My role:

I was the Project Manager and the main contact of the client. I worked with the team to define the Game Dynamics and Gameplay.

The project was developed in two phases, the first one as a prototype only with the first level and a mini-game. Into the second one, was included the second level and the second minigame. Also new information for the user, tutorials, new animations and other features were included. 

More info:


The  Serious Game was created to make the SMEs understand the value of incorporating ICTs in their companies. It was developed for the Junta de Castilla y León

The game was developed under Unity3D for WebGL and is compatible with most of the 

The Serious Game simulates a real shop which includes different ICTs that help to improve sales and services. In order to achieve the objective of the game, the user must attend to his clients, carry out the management of the shop and, when available, attend to his ICT’s.


During the game, the user can include various ICTs that will help him improve faster. However, the user must demonstrate that he knows the technology and that he knows which is the best option for his business. If he succeeds, the technology will give him advantages, if not, the technology could harm him. The Serious Game also contains a mini challenge to better understand the advantages of one of the technologies: the POS in front of a cash register. 

The team developed all the programming and art part, both 3D and 2D, including the different Serious Games techniques in this prototype, with a complete playable phase: challenges, higher scores, different levels, budgets, challenges, careful interface, competition, easy handling…


After the completion of the project, the Junta de Castilla y León organized a Living Lab to study, with different businessmen, the usefulness of the tool. The results of the Living Lab were satisfactory, with the majority of the employers finding it a very useful tool for learning.

In the development of the contents of this Serious Game have collaborated Camino Lopez García and the Centro Internacional de Tecnologías Avanzadas.

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