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Virtual Reality



My role:

I was the project manager of the development at ITCL managing the coding and art team. We were in charge of the 3D avatar that had to show the sign in real-time.


I was also the main contact with our client SignLab and present the product to several institutions and also in conferences.

The final product was commercialized by our client.

The product received several prizes (Vodafone, Simo...).

More info:


The project consisted of creating an application that shows a 3D avatar that can use the Spanish Sign Language to sign words and sentences. 

This project was developed in collaboration with XUL/TextoSign. They were in charge to translate a text in a list of grammatically correct signs, which ITCL uses to animate the virtual character.

The virtual reality avatar also includes facial expressions as they are quite important in Sing Languages. 


The application also allows users to convert the animation into a video format so that it can be published.

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