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esimox simulator

2014 - 2015
esimox militar simulator vr.jpg

My role:

I was the product manager at ITCL and was very involved in the solution design and integration. Also in the management of the technical (artist and programmers) team at ITCL with Scrum.

I was the direct contact with our client to define the technical approach of the simulator. Our client is now commercializing the full solution. 

More info:


The objective of this product is to increase and maintain the skills and tactics of the operatives, users of mortar systems to which they are trained, preparing them for the challenges that they will have to face in the development of their missions.

The simulator is multi-post and integrates several types of equipment some of them related to Virtual Reality but others to the specific simulator field:

  • Oculus DK2 to simulate a Vector Militar Range Finder.

  • A real Techfire (Militar Fire Support information system) was integrated in the simulator.

  • A Mortar mockup 

The simulator was developed under Unity 3D with C#

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