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My role:

I worked as a Product Manager with direct contact with the client. I worked initially to define requirements and capabilities that the simulator need to have, as a product.

I was also active part in the coding of the project under Unity 3d in C# in several modules of the simulator: scenes configuration, occlusion culling, lightmapping, behaviour, traffic, data base, telemetry...

Our client is selling the product in several countries arround the world.

DRIVESIM won the prize for the Best Serious Game of Business Strategy of 2014 in the Fun and Serious Games Festival.

More info:



Drivesim is a driving simulator developed in collaboration of Arisoft and aimed at driving schools and road training centres. The simulator was designed and developed specifically for the client, taking advantage of client’s experience in training topics for driving schools and its knowledge of other simulators on the current market. ITCL carried out 3D modeling, programming and hardware integration of the project and Arisoft designed the scenes and exercises.


  • AI traffic and pedestrians. AI behavior emulates a real city.

  • Control of environmental conditions: time of the day, time acceleration, day and night, fog intensity, rain intensity.

  • 22 exercises organized in different levels of difficulty. Also includes an exercise that allows the user to drive around all the scene in a free way.

  • 5 available vehicles and multiple configurations: diesel, gasoline, manual, automatic, front and rear wheel drive, 4x4.

  • Risk situations: heavy rain, intensive fog, a boy running across the street, work zone, aquaplaning.

  • Users penalties tracking.

  • Full virtual environment: city, avenues, narrow streets, regional road, mountain pass, highway, toll road, car circuit, work zone, gas station, tunnel, … Realistic city: traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, crossings, tress, buildings, …

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