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Serious Games



I worked from the original idea of the projecto to win the H2020 call. The general approach that we take was one of the key point to win the call.

I was the project coordinator at ITCL. I participate in all the consortium meetings and in the meetings of several of the work packages. I personally designed the methodology that was used in the project with the psychologies help. I was really involved in the storyboard design at ITCL to ensure that we create an effective game and that we were able to make understand the player how is to be in a bully situation and what you can do to get out of that situation.

We were invited to present the project in the European Parliment within the Technology for the Social Good.

The project was named as Excelent for the European Comision


My role:


The EConfidence Research project aims to test the Activity Theory based Model of Serious Games ( for game development methodology combined with Applied Behaviour Analysis ( in order to be able to design serious games capable to promote behavioural changes in the user ABA is a procedure concerned with analyzing the principles of learning theory and applying systematically this knowledge to change behaviour of social significance Behaviour change is achieved by first assessing the functional relationship between a targeted behaviour and the environment, to later develop replacement
behaviours which serve the same function as the aberrant behaviours.

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